Why the Supreme Court issue isn't helping Trump this presidential election

In 2016, conservatives wanted Trump to appoint conservative Supreme Court justice who would overturn Roe v. Wade and protect their religious liberties

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June 26, 2020 - 9:58am

The Facts Inside Our Reporter’s Notebook

Last presidential election, who would be appointed to the Supreme Court was a major issue for many conservative voters.

Many white evangelicals voted for then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016 because they believed he would appoint conservative Supreme Court justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade and protect their religious liberties. 

Trump went on to appoint Supreme Court justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, and this week, the president's 200th judicial nominee was confirmed by the Republican-controlled Senate.

In 2020, while 47 percent of voters say the Supreme Court is very important when determining their pick for president, the issue of nominations ranks behind others, such as the economy, health care, civil rights and immigration, according to a recent Scottt Rasmussen Ballotpedia poll.

Broken out by party line, 56 percent of Democrats as opposed to 48 Republican, say it's very important.

That statistic could be a telling sign.

For Republicans, it shows that focus on the Supreme Court has somewhat waned. For Democrats who may not be happy with Trump stacking the courts with conservative judges, it may become an issue that could help generate turnout.

Hear Rasmussen break it down in his Number of the Day.




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