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Kentucky Rep. James Comer says the entire Biden family is a national security threat

Comer called out Joe Biden for protecting his son from being investigated for his shady business dealings with China.

September 13, 2022 6:31pm

Updated: September 13, 2022 8:39pm

Congressman James Comer has called out the FBI for not investigating the Biden family regarding their shady business deals with China.

"The more we dive into Hunter Biden and his shady business dealings, you quickly realize that Hunter Biden is not the mastermind," the Kentucky Republican said on Tuesday's edition of "Just the News, Not Noise. "If anything, he's fortunate that his last name is Biden."

According to an FBI whistleblower, the FBI was advised not to investigate a laptop belonging to President Joe Biden's son Hunter, which had damaging information on the then-presidential candidate. NBC reports that Hunter Biden and his company made $11 million from a Chinese businessman, but its unclear what he did to get the money.

"We believe that many of the business dealings that Hunter was involved in that his father not only knew about it, but was set up to receive the financial benefits or rewards from some of these shady business dealings," Comer said. "We've already had two of Hunter's former associates come forward and say that Joe Biden was in fact, 'The Big Guy' who was set in one instance to get 10% ownership in a Chinese Communist Party owned energy company that would counter America's energy best interests."

Comer says that Republicans are not investigating Hunter Biden for petty political reasons or out of spite. 

"We're not investigating because of political reasons," Comer stated. "We're not doing it to retaliate because they (the Biden family) harassed the Trump children. We're doing it because we believe he's a national security risk, and he has compromised this president. There are many decisions that Joe Biden's already made that we believe he made to try to block Republican investigations and oversight into Hunter Biden."

Comer also said that he doesn't have much faith in the FBI and its current director Christopher Wray to investigate the corruption going on in the federal government. 

"I have a lot of doubts," Comer concluded. "And he's (Director Wray) going to be given an opportunity to try to change my doubt. But right now, I have doubts every day that they go without doing anything to Hunter Biden."


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