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USS Chafee reportedly experiencing coronavirus outbreak, sailors being kept in the dark

'No one is giving us information,' said one petty officer

Navy exercise in the South China Sea
Navy exercise in the South China Sea
(Markus Castaneda / U.S. Navy)
Updated: January 29, 2021 - 10:24am

Crew members aboard the USS Chafee say they are receiving minimal information about the severity of a coronavirus outbreak.

Dozens of sailors have been removed from the ship in recent days. 

"No one is giving us information," a petty officer told the Navy Times.

Cmdr. Sean Robertson said: "The ship remains able to complete its mission. No Chafee sailors have been hospitalized and all positives are in isolation."

He also said said there is no immediate plan to test the entire 350-sailor crew. The ship has been docked in San Diego for the last week, following its arrival from Hawaii. 

The outbreak is reportedly infecting primarily the ship's culinary staff. It is believed to have spread to the ship's technology, weapons, and engineering crews, the Navy Times also reported.