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Biden has been family's 'ATM for decades', Missouri Rep. Burlison claims

"I think that he's leveraged his brother's relationships," Burilson said in reference to the president.

Published: February 21, 2024 6:33pm

Rep. Eric Burlison, R-Mo., slammed President Joe Biden on Wednesday, saying his family members have used his prominence to enrich themselves for years.

"Joe Biden has been their ATM for decades," Burlison said on the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. "They've used him and his reputation in order to open up these doors and create these business deals."

The president's brother, James Biden, reportedly denied in his testimony before the House Oversight Committee that Joe ever had any "involvement" or "any direct or indirect financial interest" in his business ventures. 

"I have had a 50-year career in a variety of business ventures. Joe Biden has never had any involvement or any direct or indirect financial interest in those activities. None," Biden reportedly said, according to his opening statement obtained by The Washington Post.

Burlison suggested that James had tried to protect his brother. 

"I think that he's leveraged his brother's relationships," Burlison said in reference to James Biden. "We've seen this happen in politics before. It's not unusual that family members in Washington, D.C., get lobbyist gigs or get some kind of arrangement."

"But the level the Biden family has brought this to is unlike anything we've ever seen," he continued. "Where you literally have money wires being sent from these businesses where there's no business output."

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