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You Vote: Do you support red flag laws?

In wake of Highland Park shooting, debate reemerges over controversial gun control measures.

Published: July 6, 2022 1:59pm

Updated: July 6, 2022 3:42pm

The Fourth of July parade shooting outside Chicago has reignited the gun control debate — especially over so-called red flag laws, which allow for the temporary removal of firearms from those considered a danger to themselves or others.

More specifically, red flag laws allow police, family members, or even doctors to petition a state court to take away someone's firearms for up to a year if they think that person poses such a threat.

Currently, 19 states — including two Republican-controlled states, Florida and Indiana — as well as Washington, D.C. have some kind of red flag law in place.

Supporters argue such measures allow for proactive steps to prevent tragedies and help address the role mental health plays in mass shootings. Critics counter that red flag laws can be misused and violate one's constitutional rights to bear arms and due process.

What do you think? Do you want your state to have red flag laws on the books? Here's your chance to weigh in:

Do you support states implementing red flag laws?


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