Pizza Hut faces backlash, possible boycott, for promoting drag queen kids book

"Big Wig" was listed as part of Pride Month lineup for pizza chain's "Book It!" reading incentive program.

Updated: June 6, 2022 - 4:01pm

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Pizza Hut is facing sharp backlash from conservative social media users after promoting a book about "drag kids" as part of its "Book It!" reading incentive program.

The "Book It!" website includes a book called "Big Wig," which is described as celebrating "the universal childhood experience of dressing up and the confidence that comes with putting on a costume."

The text's publisher, Simon & Schuster, says that "Big Wig," by Jonathan Hillman, "celebrates drag kids, individuality, and self-confidence from the perspective of a fabulous wig!" The story itself revolves around a child drag queen and his self-confidence-boosting wig. 

Targeted at children in pre-kindergarten through third grade, the book is being featured as part of the reading program's Pride Month lineup, according to an email from the pizza chain shared on social media.

Some conservative voices, including former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka, have suggested boycotting Pizza Hut in response to the promotion of the book.