Louisiana AG says Americans are subjects, not citizens when their speech is suppressed by government

'These folks believe that they know better than anyone else," Landry stated. 'These are not people that believe in liberty.'

Updated: October 26, 2022 - 9:28pm

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GOP Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry says that once Americans' free speech is suppressed by the government, they are subjects and no longer citizens. 

"The First Amendment was placed there because our founders recognized that when you abridge someone, [when] the government has the ability to abridge their speech, they are no longer citizens, they're subjects," said Landry on the Wednesday edition of the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show.

The Republican attorney general has recently filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration which argues that the administration has worked with social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook to suppress free speech.

"This is a First Amendment violation," Landry said. "As I have consistently said, this is one of the biggest cases this century," referring to the lawsuit.

"Our government was engaged in telling social media companies what they could say and could not say, on their platforms," Landry said. "We started this case back in June. People laughed at us. Then all of a sudden, we got past the deposition phase and the subpoena phase. We were able to subpoena records in emails. And then we started uncovering the communications between the federal officials and big tech."

Landry questioned the current administration's belief in liberty.  

"These folks believe that they know better than anyone else," Landry stated. "These are not people that believe in liberty. These are not people that have a respect for the Constitution." 

"They believe that basically Americans are really not citizens," Landry concluded. "They're really subjects to do the government's bidding and that Americans don't have enough responsibility. They don't have enough clear thinking to be able to make decisions on their own." 

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