Viral sensation Bevelyn Beatty reveals what drove her to splash paint over De Blasio's BLM mural

"Black Lives Matter will never address black on black crime," Beatty says. "The Democrats are the ones screaming, 'Defund the police, get rid of the police,' yet the Democrats are the ones that run these cities top to bottom."

Updated: July 27, 2020 - 12:33pm

She came armed only with paint cans, her weapon of choice. But the splatter and splash that ensued, carried out by this simple, everyday African-American woman, is still reverberating in America.

Her name is Beverlyn Beatty, and she had reached her breaking point. Growing up on welfare in the inner city of Charlotte, N.C., she saw people close to her die in the crime-infested city of her youth. She herself has been shot, and her difficult struggle through life has left her indelibly marked. 

Fast-forward to earlier this month in Manhattan, with paint cans in hand and a few buckets of moxie too. A trip down posh 5th avenue in New York has a different feel, especially in front of Trump Tower, with its now-famous mural commissioned by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. With the words "Black Lives Matter" painted in giant yellow letters extending the length of a city block for the whole world to see, Beatty took matters into her own hands, literally. 

It was almost as if she was commanded to act. Bevelyn Beatty recalls her state of mind on the threshold of her audacious entry into public consciousness: "I have to cover this mural. I was so tired of this Black Lives Matter narrative. We're going to hit it. We're going to fight." 

The video of her on her knees covering the street art with paint went viral, gaining cheers from conservatives and jeers from the left.

After being arrested at the scene of the crime, Beatty spent a couple hours at police headquarters. Before being released, she observed something interesting: police officers who liked what they saw from her just hours before. 

"They are so fed up, and they were so happy to see someone finally stand for them," Beatty tells Just the News. "I met a police officer while I was sitting there. He said, ‘Listen, I'm moving to Florida. I already see this ship is sinking. I'm getting out here.'"

New York City has gotten hammered lately; the mayor for catering to the BLM movement and the citizens who have seen crime skyrocket. Murder is up more than 23% for the first six months of this year compared to last, and citywide shootings are up 130%.

It coincides with anger and vitriol toward police across America, calls for deep cuts in police budgets, and retirements among the NYPD Blue. But New York is just a microcosm of a larger issue at play: crime in America and whether African-Americans, who vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, are being well served by the Democrat Party.

"They're using us, they've been constantly using us," Beatty says in frustration. "We keep giving them the votes."

With her viral video, Beatty, in a way, has forced a tough discussion on today’s racial politics: the Democrat Party’s whole-hearted embrace of the Black Lives Matter organization, a group that has come under criticism for pushing a far-left agenda that goes far beyond eradicating police brutality. If black lives truly matter, Beatty argues, why is there seldom a mention of key issues afflicting the black community, including absent fathers, abortion, and rampant crime? 

"Black Lives Matter will never address black on black crime," Beatty says. "The Democrats are the ones screaming, ‘Defund the police, get rid of the police’ yet the Democrats are the ones that run these cities top to bottom … So if you really want to look at a bad system and bad police, you have to look at their leader. Their leader is the mayor and the governor and the Democrats — so something doesn’t make sense."

While there is ample debate over reasons and blame, there’s no denying that for decades, Democrats have run most of the dangerous big cities in America. It’s also a fact that these urban landscapes are disproportionately African-American. It has led Beatty to come to a simple conclusion. "We're headed towards extinction," she declares. "If we don't stand up and smell the coffee, we are going to give away our freedoms, and America is going to turn into a communist country."

Beatty's road to sudden viral fame has plenty of twists and turns. It began in a less than desirable environment as a youth, and it only got worse when she landed in jail seven years ago on charges of money laundering. It was there that she met someone who challenged her to rededicate her life to Jesus after going wayward and rebelling for many years. She did just that. 

"When I got out of jail, honey, you couldn't get me to steal a pack of bubble gum," says Beatty. "You couldn't get me to do nothing."

Since then, her life has been dedicated to activism, shaking up the world in the name of Jesus. In that viral video, she consistently chanted, “Jesus Matters,” with the T-shirt to match. 

"The reality is this," Beatty proclaims. "Until Jesus matters in your life, nothing else matters." 

Currently Beatty serves as co-founder of At Well Ministries, an organization whose mission statement is:"Sharing Jesus. One city at a time." What she sees today from the far left is a big ideological bully who needs to be challenged city by city in America. 

"They want us to bow," Beatty says. She believes the BLM movement is using race to divide people. In her quest for truth, she preaches a faith that transcends racial divisions and unifies people in a universal family whose members are all equally beloved in the sight of God.

"In the Bible, it says there's no Jew, Gentile, male nor female, slave or free man in the body of Christ, so as a Christian, we know color has nothing to do with nothing," says Beatty. "We're united by the Spirit of God."



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