You Vote: How concerned are you about campus free speech when choosing a college?

Ivy League schools are ranked among the worst in the nation for open inquiry.

Updated: September 18, 2022 - 8:21pm

The Facts Inside Our Reporter’s Notebook


Many of the country's most prestigious universities have the worst environments for student free speech and open inquiry, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression's campus "speech climate" review.

Columbia ranked last among 203 ranked schools, alone earning the label "abysmal." Another six Ivy League schools made the bottom 50: University of Pennsylvania (202), Yale (198), Harvard (170), Princeton (169), Barnard (167), and Cornell (154).

The private University of Chicago topped FIRE's list for the second time in three years. The next four are public: Kansas State, Purdue, Mississippi State, and Oklahoma State.

When looking at where you or your children should go to college, do you care about whether that college is open to all viewpoints and open debate? Should other people care? Here's your chance to weigh in:

How concerned are you about a school's tolerance for free speech and open inquiry when choosing where you or a family member is going to college?