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Pastor John MacArthur: America 'looks like the Jerry Springer show,' says 'wrath of God' is upon us

MacArthur says that there are four restraints by God that are being attacked: The conscience, the family unit, the police and the church

Updated: August 19, 2020 - 6:04pm

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Pastor John MacArthur, of California's Grace Community Church, tells Just the News' David Brody that America right now "looks like 'The Jerry Springer Show.' "

MacArthur, who has recently been under fire for reopening his Los Angeles megachurch for religious worship, despite being served a cease-and-desist letter by the California government, told Brody that he believes we are living through "the wrath of God."

MacArthur sites several verses from Romans 1, in which Paul the Apostle says the wrath of God is defined as "a sexual revolution, followed by a homosexual revolution, followed by a reprobate mind."

The pastor argues that the country has already experienced the first two and is now living through the third – the transgender movement. 

The raucous Springer show largely centered on guests telling host Jerry Springer about infidelity or other transgressions, followed by a spouse or significant other coming on stage, which then often resulted in verbal and physical fight.

Though MacArthur believes the United States was founded on a basis of Judeo-Christian values, but says we are now living through a time in which our "ethics, morals, and standards" are under attack.

"If any nation has ever held the truth, we have. But we are holding it in unrighteousness," MacArthur said. 

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