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CBS News announces pause on Twitter over 'uncertainty' about Musk, then posts on platform

The outlet was criticized for its announcement about plans to pause activity.

Published: November 20, 2022 9:14am

Updated: November 20, 2022 9:45am

CBS News announced plans to pause activity on its Twitter account, citing "uncertainty" about the social media platform under billionaire Elon Musk's management, but the outlet posted on the platform Sunday.

"In light of the uncertainty around Twitter and out of an abundance of caution, CBS News is pausing its activity on the social media site as it continues to monitor the platform," CBS reporter Jonathan Vigliotti said Friday on CBS Evening News, seemingly alluding to the platform's management under Musk. 

Musk, who is reportedly under federal investigation, made headlines late last week after many staff members allegedly quit their jobs at Twitter after he ordered workers to pledge to "hardcore" work or resign.

After remaining quiet Saturday on Twitter, CBS News posted one tweet Sunday morning about the Colorado nightclub shooting.

The outlet was criticized for its announcement about plans to pause activity. 

"Free speech is certainly a scary thought for those who have counted on being protected from opposing views. However, this is a journalistic organization..." tweeted George Washington University Professor Jonathan Turley