Defying Lockdowns: NJ Gym Owner Ian Smith’s Latest Legal Victory, Community Support & Fight for Truth

Furthermore with Amanda Head Episode 32

On this "Small Business Saturday" episode of the Furthermore video podcast, host Amanda Head is joined by fitness instructor, author, and Co-Owner of Summit Rejuvenation, Ian Smith. Head and the former gym owner of Atillis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey discuss how he and his business partner resisted against government restrictions during the pandemic. Smith and his co-owner made major headlines by keeping their gym doors open all throughout the pandemic — defying Democrat Governor Phil Murphy's lockdown orders, and racking up daily fines of $15,000 or more. Smith shares his intense legal battles, which culminated in the recent clearing of all charges, and delves into his ongoing fight to invalidate court orders and seek justice for the penalties imposed.

Despite the challenges, Smith highlights the unwavering support the gym received from the community during this government goose-chase. Collectively, the gym's GoFundMe raised over $500,000 from patriots across the country, and the gym continued to sell out of t-shirts which helped the co-owners reduce their financial strain from penalties imposed by the state.

Smith goes on to emphasize the importance of questioning government research, experts, or official business by encouraging listeners to conduct their own independent research and uncover the actual truth for themselves. Furthermore, Head and Smith discuss the critical role of community solidarity, standing up for personal beliefs, and resisting government overreach to safeguard individual rights and freedoms.

Keep an eye out because you may see Smith, who now resides in Florida, run for an elected position at the local level in the next election cycle.

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