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Former British Commander in Afghanistan: Biden has branded himself as the ‘worst President’ in US history

Biden on Sept. 7, 2021

Colonel Richard Kemp, commanding officer over all British Troops in Afghanistan, speaks to how history will remember the Biden Administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, saying the exit was “the greatest foreign policy and military disaster involving the West since the Second World War”, that will have not only “long-term strategic” consequences, in terms of “terrorism but the US reputation” between itself, NATO, and US Allies, which as result has been “severely undermined”.

Also! Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, talks with us about lack of security posture that the Biden Administration has had in regards to the screening of Afghan refugee’s, saying that there is “no vetting going on” right now, that “checking for Biometrics is meaningless unless there is an in-country database”, which the US doesn’t have. Also revealing that he has first-hand reports that the people in-charge of the vetting process are “not qualified to be vetting”.

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