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Pollster John McLaughlin says Trump able to win New York due to AG Letitia James, DA Alvin Bragg constant prosecution

L: Donald Trump, CPAC 2022, R: Alvin Bragg, New York City, Sept. 8, 2022

Pollster John McLaughlin dives into recent polling show that the average age of voters switching to Donald Trump is “age is 35.”  McLaughlin says, usually “the average age of a voter is usually around 50 years old. So we're getting the Generation Z people coming in, because they want opportunities, they endured the lockdown, which was, you know, a really bad time for young people in America.“ McLaughlin also explains how polling and data shows that New York is up for grabs for Donald Trump, after “58% of all voters say Joe Biden's playing a role in these [Trump] indictments and that they’re political, and that there’s a double standard in America, and [another poll showed] 56% to 30%, the majority of Americans say [Biden is] trying to put Trump in jail to stop him from winning the election. And then you have in New York, a state like New York where a lot of this is going on where Letitia James, the Attorney General, instead of prosecuting criminals, she's trying to confiscate Donald Trump's wealth, take away his real estate holdings, and for no real crime, because there's no victims. The banks made money, he paid all his loans back on time. They railroaded him in the courts. And now they're about to start with Alvin Bragg, who's the Manhattan District Attorney, who when the cops get beat up in Times Square by Venezuelan gangs who are here illegally, what do they do? They let the gangs go and the cops get beat up, and so [Bragg’s} going to prosecute Trump next on some phony charges. So you got Jack Smith, you've got Fani Willis in Atlanta, they’re all coordinating with the Biden White House. And it's and it's true, [Just the News has] reported it.“

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