Donald Trump doubles down on Senate 'Gun Control,' warns GOP to not vote for 'career ending bill'

Only two of the GOP senators who voted to advance the bill are up for reelection this fall

Updated: June 23, 2022 - 5:32pm

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Former President Donald Trump on Thursday doubled down against the Senate's gun legislation, saying the bill is the "FIRST STEP IN TAKING AWAY YOUR GUNS" and will end the careers of Republicans who vote for it.

In the wake of two mass shootings that killed 31 people, the Senate voted 64-34 on Tuesday to move forward with the "Bipartisan Safer Communities Act," which will tighten federal gun law loopholes and allocate funding toward the prevention of mass shootings.

"Mitch McConnell’s push for Republican Senators to vote for Gun Control will be the final straw," Trump said Thursday on his platform, Truth Social.

"Just like he gave away the Debt Ceiling and got NOTHING in return, or handed the Dems a great sound bite and victory with the Infrastructure Bill, which is actually all about the Green New Deal, he is now forcing approval of the FIRST STEP IN TAKING AWAY YOUR GUNS! Republican Senators SHOULD NOT VOTE FOR THIS CAREER ENDING BILL!!!" Trump added.

In another post, the former president pointed out how many of the Republicans who voted to advance the bill are not up for reelection this year. He also questioned when the government's expansion of authority would stop if the bill passes.

"Are there really 14 Republican Senators that are willing to start the 'TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY' movement? If this Bill is passed, what will be next? Will be very hard to stop! How many of the 14 Senators are up for re-election in 2022? That’s what I thought!" Trump wrote.

GOP Sens. Roy Blunt, Richard Burr, Shelley Moore Capito, Bill Cassidy, Susan Collins, John Cornyn, Joni Ernst, Lindsey Graham, Lisa Murkowski, Rob Portman, Mitt Romney, Thom Tillis, Todd Young, and McConnell voted in favor of the bill.

Blunt, Burr and Portman are retiring at the end of this year, and of the remaining 11 senators, only Sen. Young of Indiana and Sen. Murkowski of Alaska face reelection this fall.

Trump's attack came after he slammed McConnell and Cornyn, whose homestate of Texas wtinessed the Uvalde elementary school shooting. The former President also stressed that "Radical Left Democrats" are pushing the bill and that it is "the first step in the movement to TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY."