Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson return home to U.S. after getting coronavirus

The two announced they had the virus while in Australia earlier this month

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson in February 2020
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson in February 2020
(Amy Sussman/Getty Images)
Updated: March 29, 2020 - 1:10pm

Actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson announced that they have returned home to the United States from Australia where earlier this month they revealed that they tested positive for the coronavirus.

"We're home now and, like the rest of America, we carry on with sheltering in place and social distancing," a tweet posted on Tom Hanks' Twitter account explains.

"Many, many thanks to everyone in Australia who looked after us," the post continues. "Their care and guidance made possible our return to the USA. And many thanks to all of you who reached out with well wishes. Rita and I so appreciate it."

The actor and his wife are not the only well-known people who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently tested positive for the virus. In the United States, a number of legislators including Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul have tested positive for the illness. Sen. Paul was asymptomatic according to the announcement revealing that medical tests showed a confirmed infection. 

While is not yet known whether those who recover from COVID-19 will develop an immunity to the illness, Dr. Anthony Fauci believes it is very likely.

"We don't know that for 100 percent certain cause we haven't done the study to see... whether they've been protected," Fauci said in an interview on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah."

"But I feel really confident that if this virus acts like every other virus that we know, once you get infected, get better, clear the virus, then you'll have immunity that will protect you against re-infection. 

"So it's never 100 percent, but I'd be willing to bet anything that people who recover are really protected against re-infection."