Amid economic instability, here are the two things voters care about most

Concern about COVID-19 and the economy are almost equal in the thoughts of voters

Updated: July 23, 2020 - 2:12pm

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It's more important than ever that President Donald Trump show the country that he's the best leader to turn the economy brought to its knees by the coronavirus. 

And with Thursday's job report showing that the number of Americans who filed for unemployment benefits rose more than expected last week, many are worried that the U.S. economy could be headed for more trouble.

A recent Scott Rasmussen Ballotpedia poll shows that the economy is the most important issue to voters ahead of November's presidential elections, with the health care issue surrounding COVID-19 following close behind.

27% of voters say that the economy is their number one concern, and another 27% say that healthcare is their top priority. That's an equaling out from the previous month’s survey, when 30% of voters had the economy as their top concern, and only 17% of voters felt healthcare is their priority.

These numbers show that the American public may not be satisfied with how their government is continuing to handle the coronavirus pandemic, and all the events that came with it.

Scott Rasmussen breaks down these voter sentiments, and what they could mean for Trump and presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden in his new Number of the Day podcast. 

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