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Conservative film producer says Mexican officials 'obstructing' his presidential bid, plans to sue

Verástegui, producer of the film "Sound of Freedom," says the Mexican government is doing “zero” to secure the U.S.-Mexico border and the country “will become Cuba and Venezuela on steroids” without a change in leadership.

Published: February 27, 2024 11:00pm

Updated: February 28, 2024 3:20am

Actor and political activist Eduardo Verástegui, a producer of the film “Sound of Freedom who has registered as an independent candidate for president of Mexico, said Mexican election officials are intentionally "obstructing" his bid for the presidency. 

He warned at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this month that Mexico “will become Cuba and Venezuela on steroids” without a change in leadership.

Verástegui said he is still waiting for Mexican election officials to formally certify him as an presidential candidate and if they do not, he plans to take them to court, in part due to technical problems with the National Electoral Institute's smartphone application.

“I’m fighting with the majority of the people and we have a movement. We’re going to build our own political party in 2025, Viva Mexico, a political party, a conservative party, because Mexico is a conservative country, a Christian country, Catholic country, governed by an anti-Christian government, anti-Catholic government, a communist government,” he said during an interview at the conference. 

“And if we don’t do something now, I'm telling you, this is very big. Mexico will become Cuba and Venezuela on steroids at your southern border,” he added.

Verástegui described the fight in Mexico and other countries like Spain and El Salvador as "the globalists against the sovereignists."

He noted that the people of El Salvador re-elected President Nayib Bukele, a conservative, and he predicted that Mexico will eventually do the same.

“Even though they have the media, they have Hollywood, they have some universities, they have hospitals, Big Pharma, the U.N., European Parliament, a lot of institutions, we have the people, and the people are waking up. And when the people wake up, no one can stop us,” he said.

Verástegui has been outspoken about the amount of child trafficking and drug smuggling taking place at the U.S.-Mexico border.  According to a U.S. Department of State report, the Department of Homeland Security in fiscal year 2022 opened 1,373 human trafficking investigations, up from 1,111 the prior year.  The report also revealed that the Justice Department “secured the convictions of 256 traffickers” in fiscal year 2022, which was a “significant increase from 203 traffickers in 2021.”

Verástegui said the Mexico government is doing "zero” to secure the 2,000 mile border it shares with the U.S. “They’re involved. They’re part of the crime. They’re criminals,” he said during the interview.

Verástegui also said former President Trump has done more to combat human trafficking “than any other president in the history of the United States,” including President Biden. “Biden, I think, has done the opposite: harm children unlike any other president in history,” he said.

Verástegui argued that both the Biden administration and the Mexican government should be doing more to secure the border. “It benefits more Mexico than the United States because if the border is not secure, imagine how vulnerable we can be that we're a neighbor of the most powerful country in the world. We are very vulnerable. You attract bad people from all over the world,” he said.

Biden is reportedly considering taking executive actions to better secure the border, given the record number of immigrants encountered there month-after-month. As for why he didn’t do more to crackdown on the border before, Verástegui said: “He’s campaigning. When things are a priority, that's the first thing you do on your first day, not your last day.”

Verástegui emphasized that strong border security protects children in multiple ways. “If children are not our priority, what is? Children are sacred. They’re the present and the future,” he said. “They're the future decision makers.”

Verástegui, a Catholic, addressed Biden’s Catholic faith and his pro-choice position on abortion. “He’s Catholic by name but he acts like the devil in actions. He’s pro-death,” he said. “He’s involved in allowing child trafficking to grow, child pornography to grow.”

Elaborating on his run for president, Verástegui said his campaign ran into technical issues with the application that prospective candidates must use to collect the required 1 million signatures in 120 days to become a certified candidate. 

“I have all the evidence, all of the videos, everything just to prove how corrupt they were. They were obstructing us,” he said. “If you want to sign for me, you do it through Apple or Android, Apple did not work in many of these states. So it was impossible.”

Verástegui revealed that he plans to take the matter to court if he is officially deemed ineligible to run in the June 2024 general election. "We had the signatures. They stole them from us. They blocked us," he said. "We have evidence and we're going to sue them."

Verástegui also told Just the News that “Sound of Freedom” was removed from Mexican movie theaters when he declared his intention to run for president.

“They were afraid that our movement was global and so big in Mexico, because we touched a very sensitive issue that the government is involved in,” he said. “This country's government is involved in sending all of these children to the United States, they come from Mexico, through Mexico, you know, from all over Latin America.”

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