Republicans officially renominate Trump for a second White House term

The balloting and roll call kicks off the GOP's four day convention - in Washington and Charlotte, N.C.

Updated: August 24, 2020 - 1:54pm

Delegates at the Republican National Convention on Monday cast enough votes to officially nominate President Trump to seek a second term. 

The in-person balloting and roll call took place in a scaled-down convention, as a result of the pandemic, in Charlotte, N.C.

Trump need 1,276 delegates, which he received around noon. 

The president, who's visiting an FDA site program in nearby Mill Rivers, for farmers hit hard by the coronavirus, made an unexpected appearance at the convention.

"I felt an obligation to come to North Carolina. It's a place that has been very good to me," said Trump. "What's more important than the roll call?' he asked the in-person delegates.

As he has throughout his reelection campaign, Trump touted the accomplishments of his first term, including tax cuts, international trade deals, and tariffs imposed on China to help equalize America's trade balance with them.

China has the second-largest economy after that of the United States.

"China will own our country if (Democrats) get elected," Trump said on Monday.

President Trump is scheduled to deliver a formal acceptance speech from the White House's South Lawn on Thursday night.