Trump DNI Richard Grenell slams Mike Pompeo over criticism of Dr. Oz

Pompeo is supporting Oz's rival in the Pennsylvania primary

Updated: May 9, 2022 - 7:43pm

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Former acting U.S. Intelligence Director Richard Grenell on Monday called out former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for voicing "national security concerns" about Trump-endorsed Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Pompeo held a press briefing Friday to discuss Dr. Oz's "close ties to the Turkish government and military," two days after ABC reported that the "Dr. Oz Show" host voted in the 2018 Turkish election.

Oz was born in Ohio and spent two years serving in the Turkish military after college to maintain his dual citizenship. In February, he told The Washington Post, "I'd never been politically involved in Turkey in any capacity. I didn't even donate money to these organizations."

Grenell criticized Pompeo's press briefing. 

"It’s frankly unAmerican to suggest that 1st and 2nd generation Americans are unworthy or suspect to work as U.S. Officials," he wrote on Twitter.

"Many have seen fascism and totalitarianism up close. They are the canaries in the coal mine warning Americans that socialism is dangerous," he said.

Grenell also posted a video on Monday of himself endorsing Dr. Oz, calling him "the *only* Trump endorsed Senate candidate."

Pompeo is supporting Oz's rival, Dave McCormick, in the Pennsylvania Senate Republican primary on May 17.

A Trafalgar Group survey last week showed Oz ahead of McCormick with 24.5% to 21.6% support.

During his briefing, Pompeo questioned Oz's loyalty to America. 

"Not only did he not engage in the American [process] but he engaged in the Turkish political process. That raises in my mind a lot of judgments about his priority," Pompeo said, according to The Hill.

Oz has said he maintained Turkish citizenship to take care of his mother with Alzheimer's, but he plans on renouncing it before being sworn in as senator.