Wisconsin state Senator wants Green Bay mayor to resign over handling of November election

The demand for the Green Bay Mayor's resignation comes after renewed investigations over the November 2020 election.

Updated: March 10, 2021 - 4:08pm

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A Wisconsin GOP state senator is calling for the mayor of Green Bay to resign after an investigation into the handling of the November 2020 election.

State Sen. Roger Roth on Tuesday called for Mayor Eric Genrich to resign, citing concerns that his and other Democratic-leaning cities in Wisconsin received grants to help administer elections.

"This report about the handling of the 2020 elections in the City of Green Bay shows Mayor Genrich ceded his responsibility to safeguard the integrity of our elections to an outside, partisan organization and I am calling on him to resign from office immediately," Roth tweeted.

Roth's tweet comes during a renewed call from Republican lawmakers in the state to investigate the handling of the elections.

The investigation stems from one county clerk who claims the central counting location was "tainted by the influence of a person working for an outside organization affecting the election," according to Fox 11 News.

Sandy Juno, the county clerk in question, claims the person she saw was there as part of a $1.09 million grant the city received from Center for Tech and Civic Life, a group working to modernize U.S. elections," according to their website.

Her claims were backed up by a Wisconsin Elections Commission's attorney who said that the outside consultant was pre-approved. 

State Rep. Shae Sortwell says he has heard concerns from several people over election integrity. Some of the complaints allegedly include eyewitness accounts of attempts to deny and remove poll watchers and keep observers away from ballots.

Genrich has not responded to the allegations.