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Country singer John Rich announces alternative to liberal, cancel culture banks - 'Old Glory Bank'

'People are getting their credit cards turned off if they go to the wrong protest or if they make the wrong social media posts,' John Rich said

Published: December 7, 2022 12:55pm

Updated: December 7, 2022 5:37pm

Country music singer John Rich on Wednesday announces the creation of a new bank for Americans who support freedom of speech and have concerns about their existing bankers punishing them – and their accounts – for publicly backing issues that their banks don't support.

The bank is called Old Glory Bank and its being led by Rich, conservative commentator Larry Elder, and Dr. Ben Carson, former 2016 presidential candidate.

"People are getting their credit cards turned off if they go to the wrong protest or if they make the wrong social media posts," Rich said on the John Solomon Reports podcast.

He was referring to this past February when Canadian banks froze the accounts of truckers who were protesting the COVID-19 vaccine mandate put in place by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Rich said he was got on board with the alternative bank idea after being approached by "some really smart, patriotic people who come from the banking industry."

He said the group, in addition to pointing out the Canada trucker ordeal, said the Bank of Brazil was doing something similar to customers who were attending protests that didn't match its world view.

"We offer full online banking services," Elder said in an excerpt of an upcoming Solomon podcast. "So those of you who were threatened with having your accounts shut down or you're with banks that have threatened to have others shut down and you don't like the values of your bank, there's a home for you at Old Glory Bank."

The monetary platform PayPal also got backlash in October for fining its customers $2,500 in damages for spreading "misinformation."

"They've weaponized our bank accounts basically, at this point," said Rich. "There's a whole group of real patriotic Americans who just believe in freedom of speech, and they wanted to create a new platform for regular Americans to be able to do their business."

Rich did not say when the bank would launch, but he said that people can go to the website and reserve an account.    

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