Renowned commentator Lou Dobbs says the debt ceiling is the wrong issue to tackle at the moment

Dobbs referred to the discussion about the debt ceiling as "manufactured confrontation."

Updated: January 19, 2023 - 8:10pm

Renowned commentator and host of "The Great America Show" Lou Dobbs says that the debt ceiling is not the issue that Republicans should be focusing on right now. 

"I do believe that despite the fact that our judgment is correct about the way in which to handle fiscal policy, this is entirely the wrong issue to take up at this time," Dobbs said on Thursday's edition of the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. 

Dobbs referred to the discussion about the debt ceiling as "manufactured confrontation." 

"This sort of manufactured confrontation really ignores the fact that this budget for this year is already set and the Republicans will have no say about it at least until the new budget bill on Oct. 1 of 2023," he stated.

Dobbs proceeded to call out GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for supporting massive spending bills. 

"We know Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy agreed to the spending bills, and therefore those are the obligations of the federal government," he continued. McCarthy voted against the omnibus spending package that passed in Congress just before Christmas.