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Chinese drugmaker preparing production lines for one billion doses of potential vaccines

The company is testing their final two vaccines.

Updated: October 21, 2020 - 5:00pm

With four Chinese vaccines in the final stages of development, a Chinese state-owned drugmaker is setting up vaccine production lines to prepare for distribution if one of the company's two vaccines is approved.

SinoPharm Group is testing its final two vaccines around the world on 50,000 people and is preparing to supply 1 billion doses, if approved. Thousands of Chinese healthcare workers and at-risk individuals have been given the experimental vaccines. 

Vaccine developments are "in the last kilometer of a long march," SinoPharm Chairman Liu Jingzhen said. "The production capacity will reach 1 billion doses next year, ensuring sufficient safety."

The global race to develop a safe and effective vaccine is still ongoing. However, final candidates are nearing the end of development. 

If China succeeds in being the first country to release a COVID-19 vaccine to the public, issues could arise in distributing the vaccine where there are strict certification rules — such as in Europe, Japan and the United States — while giving developing countries access.

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