Trump pollster: Facebook banning new campaign ads a week from election is biased against GOP

The pollster says many Democrats have already cast their ballots, and Republicans are waiting until closer to Election Day.

Updated: October 27, 2020 - 4:32pm

Trump 2020 campaign pollster John McLaughlin says Facebook blocking new ads in the final week of the presidential election cycle is an attempt to discourage Republican voters waiting to vote closer to Election Day.

McLaughlin, a longtime pollster, said Tuesday on "Just the News AM" that Facebook's decision to halt new campaign ads is part of its political censorship.

Facebook announced in September that the social media behemoth would not accept any new campaign ads one week from the election, and as of Tuesday that decision by the big tech company stands true. 

McLaughlin said this act by Facebook is stifling free speech and is targeted at Republicans.

"The Democrats came out early," McLaughlin told show host Carrie Sheffield. "And the Democrats have leads in a lot of these states based on party registration, party affiliation, and they're trying to stop the Republicans from coming out right now. We've been tracking the early voting, and a lot of Democrats have cast their ballots by mail or in person, and now the Republican votes are coming."

The pollster says that this is the week many Republicans will vote. Comparing the election to sports, he said Democrats are ahead after the third quarter and they want to cancel the fourth quarter and go into a "prevent defense" scheme.

"They just don't want to have this week," McLaughlin said. "The next seven days when the Republicans are going out to vote and especially on November 3, when Republicans are going out to vote ... They want to do their best to discourage turnout."