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Just the News a.m. with Sophie Mann

WATCH: Curtis Sliwa wins GOP NYC Mayor Primary

On the June 23, 2021 episode of Just the News a.m. with Sophie Mann:

Segment 1 - Curtis Sliwa, Nominee for NYC Mayor (R) - No results on Dem side as they wait for many rounds of ballot counting. Curtis says race is about crime in NYC and ending DeBlasio's corruption.

Segment 2 - Hans von Spakovsky - For the People Act fails in Senate, revamping filibuster is next push by Dems

Segment 3 - Kaelan Dorr, VP of Comms, America First Policy Institute - Media plays cheerleader on S1 discussion

Segment 4 - Heather Mullins - GA officials await judicial clearance for audit. More election questions surface

Segment 5 - Just the News Minute - Kids masks test positive for diseases, RAV banned from Youtube





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