Today: Corey Lewandowski on "Phony Fauci," POTUS Reinstatement Chatter, and Future Trump Rallies

In the June 2, 2021 Episode 101 of Season 2 of The Water Cooler with David Brody:

Segment #1: Former Sr. Advisor to President Trump, Corey Lewandowski clears the air with David Brody about controversial tweet from New York Times Journalist Maggie Haberman on potential Trump reinstatement. 

Segment #2: Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton talks to David Brody about the crisis on our Southern Border and the Texas State of Emergency.

Segment #3: Mat Staver, Chairman of The Liberty Counsel, on Governor DeSantis' Bill Supporting Female Athletes.

Segment #4: Rick Green, Founder, Disappointed in President Trump's Endorsement of Governor Abbott.

Segment #5: The Last Sip: Biden vs Key Democrats

Segment #6: RAV's Anna Perez on Google Diversity Controversy.