Church of England bans Desmond Tutu's daughter from officiating funeral due to same-sex partnership

Clergywoman's godfather requested she perform funeral rites.

Updated: September 23, 2022 - 11:32am

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The daughter of late Anglican bishop Desmond Tutu has been barred from performing a funeral in the Church of England due to her status in a same-sex relationship. 

Mpho Tutu will not be permitted to perform the funeral rites for her late godfather, Martin Kenyon, with church leaders citing the marriage ceremony she underwent with her partner Marceline Furth in 2015. 

Kenyon, who died this month at age 92, had requested that his Goddaughter perform the ceremony. 

The Diocese of Hereford told CNN that it "acknowledge[d] this is a difficult situation."

"Advice was given in line with the House of Bishops current guidance on same sex marriage," the diocese told the news network. 

Tutu during his bishopric was known for his outspoken support of gay rights causes, including appointing gay priests to leadership roles while he was the archbishop of Cape Town.