French President Macron hit with egg during public event

The French president routinely encounters crowds of French citizens in what are called "crowd baths"

Updated: September 28, 2021 - 8:05am

The Facts Inside Our Reporter’s Notebook


French President Emmanuel Macron was hit Monday by an egg thrown at him by a young man during a visit to an international food trade fair in Lyon.

A video of the incident shows Macron making his way through the fair crowd when an egg hits him on the shoulder without breaking. Two of the president's bodyguards immediately move closer to the French leader and a man is removed from the crowd by other presidential bodyguards.

Macron reportedly said, "If he has something to tell me, then he can come."

Prosecutors in Lyon say it was a 19-year-old student who threw the egg at Macron and that he was immediately detained by law enforcement. An investigation has been opened for "assault on a person in a position of public authority." Authorities will now attempt to root out the motivations of the man, who evidently does not have a history with the police.

During the early days of summer, Macron was slapped in the face by a man while he was greeting the public in a small town in the southeast of France. Macron was widely defended by France's political class following the incident.

The 43-year-old president has not yet officially announced that he will run for reelection, though he is expected to soon. France will vote in a presidential election in just about six months time.