Trump administration planning to stop Chinese passengers flights to the U.S.

The move comes after China failed to comply with an agreement that would allow U.S. flights to resume service to China

Last Updated:
June 3, 2020 - 10:40am

The Trump administration is set to announce Wednesday that it will prevent Chinese passenger planes from enter the United States beginning in mid-June. 

The move comes as the United States applies pressure to Beijing to start allowing U.S. air carriers to resume flights between the two countries. China has failed to comply with an existing agreement pertaining to flight patterns between the two global economic leaders.

On May 22, officials from the administration claimed that the Chinese government is making it impossible to resume U.S. airline service to China. Major U.S. airlines Delta and United have asked to resume flights to China during June. Throughout the pandemic, Chinese carriers have not halted flights to the U.S.

Relations between D.C. and Beijing have grown tense since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and have escalated in recent weeks as the Chinese government announced a new national security policy that will be applied to the formerly autonomous city of Hong Kong.

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