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Video memoriam of Mikhail Gorbachev: 'One of the most recognizable figures in 20th century'

From Soviet breadlines to the fall of the Berlin Wall, Gorbachev's most consequential moments.

Published: August 30, 2022 9:20pm

Updated: August 30, 2022 9:28pm

With his passing Tuesday at the age of 91, Mikhail Gorbachev was hailed across the globe for his stewardship of the end of the Soviet Union. His tenure and his retirement years, however, were more complicated.

From the Soviet breadlines that foretold of communism's demise in eastern Europe to his later embrace of Vladimir Putin's annexation of Ukraine's Crimea region, Gorbachev stirred controversy.

Equally, he engendered respect for his embrace of Ronald Reagan and his willingness to consider economic and political reforms inside a Kremlin that ruled with with an iron, deadly fist for much of the 20th century.   

Above is a reel of video highlights from Gorbachev's career.

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