New website allows parents, teachers to upload what they consider evidence of radical curriculum 

Users of the watchdog site can upload pictures, documents and other materials from child's class online.

Updated: April 20, 2021 - 1:23pm

The Facts Inside Our Reporter’s Notebook

A North Carolina education advocacy group has launched a website to help whistleblowers expose what they consider radical curriculum in K-12 schools, including lessons on critical race theory.

The Schoolhouse Shock site was launched Monday by Education First Alliance and allows users to anonymously upload videos, pictures, documents and other material.

"Racial discrimination and critical race theory matter, not just because they erode the fabric of this nation, or threaten our freedom, they matter because they fly in the face of the belief that every person, every child, is just as important as the next," the group says.

Group President Sloan Rachmuth the members' goal is to help parents and teachers "fight against" these types of curriculums by allowing people to see for themselves what is being taught at their children's schools, according to The Washington Free Beacon.