House conservatives must 'slow down the Biden regime's devastating policies': Rep. Andy Biggs

The House Freedom Caucus currently has 42 members, and it could become even larger after the Nov. 8 election.

Updated: October 22, 2022 - 11:06pm

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The conservative House Freedom Caucus should do everything it can to "slow down the Biden regime's devastating policies" in the next Congress, Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs told Just the News.

The caucus currently has 42 members, and it could become even larger after the Nov. 8 election. For comparison, the Tea Party Caucus established in 2010 during the presidency of Barack Obama had 60 members in 2011, when the GOP took control of the House due, in large part, to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

By 2013, the caucus had dwindled to 48 members. Former House Speaker John Boehner often wrestled with Tea Party Caucus members to garner enough GOP votes to pass spending bills and raise the debt ceiling.

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry released a memo recently to assist newly elected conservative lawmakers in navigating the legislative process. It encourages them to push back on the status quo in Washington.

"This memo is important because it helps members understand what they may be up against in their efforts to keep their campaign promises," said Biggs, a member of the caucus and its former chairman.

"For all members it’s a reminder that we have a tremendous responsibility and opportunity to do all we can to slow down the Biden regime's devastating policies," he added. "We have to keep the trust of those who elect us by being active in the fight to restore this nation."

The latest election forecasts are pointing to GOP House majority of between 221 and 232 seats.

"Republicans must be united in opposition," the memo urges, "and allow our incoming freshmen reinforcements to arrive and take our anticipated majority in January so that they and the voters who will send them to Washington can have a voice on legislation to fund the government as well as any other must pass bills such as the National Defense Authorization Act."

A united House Freedom Caucus of more than 40 members will have enough power to significantly influence legislation.

On the campaign trail, Republican candidates are arguing that Washington's increased spending is fueling the record levels of inflation the nation is experiencing. The House GOP's "Commitment to America" agenda advocates sharply reducing federal spending. 

"Everyone knew that wasteful Washington spending would spur inflation," reads the agenda. "Millions in hardworking taxpayer dollars were sent to luxury resorts and ski slopes, even stimulus checks to prisoners like the Boston Marathon bomber. Yet after more than a year of crushing inflation, Democrats still have no plan to solve it. Americans can't afford Democrats' policies, but we are certainly all paying for them."

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy said in a recent interview that he would consider pushing for federal spending cuts in exchange for a vote to raise the debt ceiling.

McCarthy has yet to share his reaction to the House Freedom Caucus memo. His office did not return a request for comment before press time.