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House GOP leader releases 'Commitment to America' calling for 200K more cops, China select committee

McCarthy is formally presenting the House GOP's "Commitment to America" to members on Thursday morning

Published: September 22, 2022 8:27am

Updated: September 22, 2022 12:18pm

The House GOP's new "Commitment to America" agenda, being announced Thursday morning by House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, calls for supporting the hiring of 200,000 more police officers through recruitment bonuses, the creation of a Select Committee on China, banning biological men from competing in women's sports and cracking down on district attorneys who decline to prosecute violent crimes, Just the News has learned. 

McCarthy is formally presenting the initiative to his House Republican Conference, according to members familiar with the project.

Earlier this year, McCarthy, of California, announced that House Republicans would release their own version of the “Contract with America” in the fall.

A formal summary of the "A Nation That's Safe" section of the agenda describes the way House Republicans want to handle immigration law enforcement at U.S. borders and rising crime in areas throughout the nation.

"End catch-and-release loopholes, require legal status to get a job, and eliminate welfare incentives," read the formal outline of the agenda.

"Support 200,000 more police officers through recruiting bonuses and oppose all efforts to defund the police. Crack down on prosecutors and district attorneys who refuse to prosecute crimes, while permanently criminalizing all forms of illicit fentanyl."

A GOP source familiar with the agenda said that "woke DAs" shouldn't receive another dime of federal taxpayer money if they won't do their job, referring to progressive district attorneys whose policies are being attributed to increases in crime. 

The agenda also addresses competing with China in multiple areas.

"Move supply chains away from China, expand U.S. manufacturing, and enhance America’s economic competitiveness and cyber resiliency," read the formal plan summary. "Establish a Select Committee on China, and exercise peace through strength with our allies to counter increasing global threats."

To strengthen the economy, the agenda calls for a reigning in "wasteful government spending that is raising the price of groceries, gas, cars and housing and growing our national debt."

In terms of energy policy, House Republicans are seeking to "maximize production of reliable, cleaner, American-made energy and cut the permitting process time in half to reduce reliance on foreign countries, prevent rolling blackouts and lower the cost of gas and utilities."

Additionally, Republican leaders want to see a return to so-called regular order if they take back the majority in the House. According to a GOP source, regular order under House Republicans would ensure that all legislation is conducted through hearings and markups at the committee level. 

The "Restore the People's Voice" section of the agenda calls for a Republican-led House to "end special treatment for members of Congress by repealing proxy voting, and increase accountability in the election process through voter ID, accurate voter rolls, and observer access."

In terms of education policy, House Republicans are looking to "advance the Parents’ Bill of Rights, recover lost learning from school closures, and expand parental choice so over a million more students can receive the education their parents know is best."

McCarthy and other GOP leaders are unveiling the agenda publicly Friday at an event in Monongahela, Pa. 

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