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Sen. Ron Johnson says subpoenas will only be issued if warranted in issues surrounding Hunter Biden

"You need to build the case before you kinda bring in the prime target of the investigation," Sen. Johnson said.

Updated: November 2, 2020 - 7:25am

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Senator Ron Johnson during an interview on Sunday Morning Futures indicated that he would only issue a subpoena for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden if the case warranted such a move.

Johnson was responding to a list of questions posed by television host Maria Bartiromo asking about potential action related to Hunter Biden. 

"Are you going to subpoena Hunter Biden?" Bartiromo asked. "What's stopping you from subpoenaing Hunter Biden? Are you getting pressure from within the Senate?"

Johnson—a Wisconsin Republican who chairs the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs—suggested that such a subpoena would only come once a sufficient case could be developed.

"Well you do need support but you also need more documentation," the senator said. "You need to build the case before you kinda bring in the prime target of the investigation. Our report basically broke a log jam, people coming forward. The computer shop repair owner stepped forward, Tony Bobulinski came forward."  

Johnson expressed interest in subpoenaing figures such as "James Gilliar and Rob Walker, the people that were involved with Tony Bobulinksi as well. So you have to build the case," he said.  

The senator also noted that "there has been resistance inside our conference, they'd rather concentrate on other things."

Bartiromo during the same program spoke to Sen. Lindsey Graham. She mentioned issues such as the Durham probe, "the coup that failed to take President Trump down in 2016," and Hunter Biden. She asked Graham what steps he will take for the sake of accountability, and specifically whether he will subpoena Hunter Biden.

Graham—the South Carolina Republican who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee—responded that "that is Ron Johnson," but noted several actions he is pursuing.

"I've got McCabe coming in November the 10th. I've got the social media CEOs coming in November the 17th. But I'm gonna have a hearing with the FBI about why did you sit on the laptop so long?" Graham said.

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