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Texas teen charged with making threat against participants of recent Turning Point USA summit

The 19-year-old charged booked a flight from Austin to Tampa on July 22 but canceled it the night before, FBI says

Published: August 19, 2022 7:29am

Updated: August 19, 2022 7:42am

A Texas teen has been charged in a federal anti-terrorism investigation after allegedly making online posts about planning to attack attendees of a recent Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in Florida.

Federal anti-terrorism agents allege Alejandro Richard Velasquez Gomez, 19, made a credible threat against participants at the event last month in Tampa, Florida, held by the conservative student group, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

The investigation began with the FBI becoming aware a post of Gomez’s Instagram page that reads: "July 22 is the day of retribution, the day I will have revenge against all of humanity which all of you will pay for my suffering."

Gomez is charged with making threatening interstate communications and possession of child pornography – the latter count related to images found on his phone, the news outlet also reports.

In a criminal complaint affidavit, the FBI linked Velasquez to the extremist "incel" movement, short for “involuntarily celibate,” online groups of mostly men who believe they can’t enter into sexual relationships.

According to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in San Antonio, Velasquez's social media posts sounded similar to those of Elliot Rodger, an incel follower who killed six people and injured more than a dozen in California in 2014.

The FBI also said Velasquez said he intended the post to evoke Rodger.

Velasquez reportedly booked a flight from Austin to Tampa on July 22 but canceled it the night before. He was arrested July 22 by police in San Antonio, which was followed by the FBI getting a search warrant for his phone.

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