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Acting State Department inspector general resigns

Acting inspector general Stephen Akard resigned about two months after Stephen Linick was removed from the post

Steve Linick, who was fired Friday as State Department inspector general, visits the Capitol in October 2019
Win McNamee/Getty Images
Updated: August 6, 2020 - 9:47am

The State Department’s acting inspector general resigned Wednesday, roughly two months after his predecessor was ousted.

Acting inspector general Stephen Akard resigned Wednesday and will reportedly return to the private sector.

“We appreciate his dedication to the department and to our country,” the department said in a statement. Deputy inspector general Diana Shaw will serve as the new acting inspector general after Akard leaves Friday, according to the Associated Press.

Trump removed Akard’s predecessor, Stephen Linick, after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo complained about his poor performance.

Democrats and others allege Linick was forced out because his government watchdog office was investigating allegations of impropriety by Pompeo.

The Democrat-controlled House on Monday issued subpoenas to four Pompeo aides, arguing the administration is stonewalling its investigation into Linick’s firing.