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Apple tells former Trump White House counsel McGahn that Justice Department also sought his data

Recent revelations about who was the focus of the Justice inquiry came after Apple's gag order expired.

Updated: June 14, 2021 - 9:03am

The Facts Inside Our Reporter’s Notebook

Apple has told former Trump White House counsel Don McGahn he was among those for which the Justice Department subpoenaed information from email accounts to try to uncover who was leaking information about the Russian collusion probe.

Apple told McGahn last month that it received the subpoena in February 2018 but did not tell him what data it had provided to the government, The New York Times reported Sunday, based on information from people familiar with the matter.

It is unclear what federal investigators were looking into or whether McGahn was their primary target of focus, or if they were looking into someone with whom McGahn was in contact

The Justice Department apparently received McGahn's information the same month the it accessed Apple's data from at least two Democrat members of the House Intelligence committee and as many as 10 others.

The subpoenas were under a nondisclosure order until May, indicating the Justice Department went to a judge multiple times to keep it under wraps for the years after Trump was in office, according to CNN.