After killing in occupied Seattle, police union chief says: 'We need leadership now more than ever'

'It can't stand in America,' he argues

Updated: June 20, 2020 - 4:20pm

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A police union chief is calling for renewed leadership following a recent fatal killing in the occupied region of downtown Seattle known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, arguing that the disorder spreading from that area is "now impacting our entire city."

A double shooting in the CHAZ early Saturday morning left one man dead and another critically injured. The area has been established as a stronghold of radical progressive activists for nearly two weeks as part of a wave of left-wing demonstrations sweeping across the country. 

On Saturday, Seattle Police Officers Guild President Michael Solan told Fox News that, even in spite of the homicide, "police are still not allowed into that area." 

"It can't stand in America, and this is a direct result of city leadership, elected officials failing the reasonable community of Seattle to enforce the rule of law," he said.

"And, this just isn't the area occupied in a six-block zone where police are still forbidden and still don't have their East precinct. This is now impacting our entire city."

Municipal officials have done virtually nothing to counteract the forcibly seized region of the city's downtown. Activists have established a physical border around the area's perimeter, have set up a garden and established various crude infrastructural resources, and have reportedly began issuing their own currency as well. 

"We're in a very, very troubling time" in the city, Solan told Fox, arguing that city residents "need leadership now more than ever." 

"Everybody across this country needs to be aware of what's going on in Seattle," he said.

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