Cuomo accuser says N.Y. governor was ‘aroused’ when he hugged her

“I felt extremely uncomfortable and actually shocked," the woman making the accusation said in a radio interview.

Updated: March 16, 2021 - 4:34pm

A woman who has accused New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual misconduct says he was physically "aroused" when he allegedly hugged her more than two decades ago.

Karen Hinton detailed the alleged incident during an interview Monday on WNYC radio.

"He approached me, embraced too tightly, too long and was aroused," Hinton said. "I felt extremely uncomfortable and actually shocked. Nothing had ever happened that way between the two of us."

Hinton, whose husband is lobbyist and former Cuomo administration official Howard Glaser, said March 6 that Cuomo hugged her twice inside a Los Angeles hotel room in December 2000.

Cuomo has denied the allegation, saying "What she said is not true." The Democratic governor also pointing out that Glaser formerly served as the press secretary for Mayor Bill de Blasio, a longtime political foe.

"As everybody who has been involved on any level in New York politics knows, she has been a longtime political adversary of mine, highly critical for many, many years and has made many, many accusations," Cuomo said during a conference call with reporters on March 7.

De blasio last week called for his fellow Democrat to resign after a sixth woman accused him of sexual misconduct.

"It is disgusting to me," de Blasio said during a press conference. "He can no longer serve as governor. It's as simple as that.

"The latest report, and the fact that we can talk about how many people are bringing forward accusations, that it's not one, it's not two, it's not three, it's not four, it's not five, it's six women who have come forward. It's deeply troubling," de Blasio said. "The specific allegation that the governor called an employee of his – someone he had power over – called them to a private place and then sexually assaulted her is absolutely unacceptable."

Since then a seventh woman has come forward.

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