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Left-wing Twitter pins cocaine found in White House on Donald Trump Jr.

Former president's son has a habit of sniffling, online sleuths claim, as conservatives suspect current president's son.

Published: July 4, 2023 6:50pm

While conservatives half-joked that the bag of cocaine found in the White House Sunday may have belonged to current presidential son Hunter Biden, who has claimed his drug addiction is in the past, progressives on Twitter put forth a different suspect: Donald Trump Jr.

An anonymous writer for conservative RedState collected a handful of tweets suggesting the former president's son as the culprit, though he hasn't been to the White House since early in 2021, and a self-described #resist account posted a compilation video with clips of Trump Jr. sniffling

President Biden's son visited the White House two days before the bag was found, Daily Mail reports. The two then traveled to the presidential retreat at Camp David.

While the New York Post reported the substance was found in the White House library, citing the D.C. firefighter dispatch call, the Secret Service said it was found in an unspecified "work area" in the West Wing, according to the Washington Examiner.

Other theories include that the bag was left by someone on a White House tour group despite the fact that the last tour happened a full day before the cocaine was found and it doesn't go into the library, the RedState writer said.

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