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TOPICS: Fighting COVID-19, Race In America, Climate Change, Leadership, American Families, National Security

Updated: October 22, 2020 - 10:37pm

10:35 -- "Success will bring us together." -- Trump

10:34 -- Topic: Leadership.

10:29 -- Biden says he isn't against fracking. He is. 

10:27 -- Trump talking window sizes. We're winding down, people.

10:24 -- Ugh. Climate change. More popcorn. Or maybe just go to bed.

10:17 -- "I am the least racist candidate in the room." -- Trump

10:11 -- "I ran because of you, I ran because of  Barack Obama." -- Trump

10:10 --  "We've never lived up to" America's ideals. -- Biden

10:08 -- Topic: Race in America. 

10:05 -- Immigration. Welker makes a whole new topic, intent on bashing Trump. 

10:02 -- "Anything below that puts you below the poverty level." -- Biden

10:00 -- Topic: Minimum wage? $15. 

9:59 -- Welker hits Biden. Why haven't you gotten it done? no good answer. 

9:58 -- Pelosi doesn't want it, Trump says.

9:57 -- Welker: Where's the money?

9:56 -- "C'mon, man." -- Biden

9:54 -- Biden says Bidencare will cost $750 billion over 10 years. 

9:52 -- Welker forces Biden to explain his health care plan. It does not go well. 

9:50 -- Biden clearly reading from notes. 

9:49 -- Biden touts BIDENCARE. 

9:48 -- "We'd like to terminate it." Will keep benefits for pre-existing conditions. 

9:46 -- TOPIC: American families. Obamacare.

9:43 -- North Korea. Go make some popcorn.

9:42 -- "Malarkey," Biden says. What century is it?

9:41 -- Welker interrupts Trump again when he talks Biden cashing in.

9:40 -- Welker changes subjects for Biden.

9:39 -- "They're like a vacuum cleaner, they're getting rich." -- Trump

9:38 -- Welker cuts that topic off, moves to Trump's China bank account. Who saw that coming?

9:37 -- "My son has not made money, what are you talking about, China?" -- Biden 

9:36 -- Trump goes there. "You have houses all over the place. You do live very well." -- Trump

9:35 -- "C'mon folks." -- Biden

9:33 -- Boom. "You're the big man,. right Joe?" Trump says. Hunter Biden stuff poking out. More soon. 

9:32 -- "I prepaid millions and millions in taxes." -- Trump

9:31 -- Biden changes topics, talks Trump's tax returns. 

9:30 -- Mark it: Trump mentions Biden's family making bank. It'll come back -- soon. 

9:29 -- BTW, Trump goes MAGA red tie, Biden cornflower blue. FWIW.

9:28 -- Joe shaking his head as Trump says Biden got $3.5 million from Russia. 

9:27 -- "They will pay a price," Biden says, calling Rudy Guiliani a "pawn."

9:26 -- National security, Iran and Russia interference.

9:25 -- Here we go. They trade barbs about money. "You shouldn't be bringing up Wall Street." -- Trump

9:24 -- Welker comes with her first loaded question about Trump calling Dr. Anthony Fauci and "idiot." Joe smiling like crazy. 

9:23 -- Biden has that famous smug smile as he listens to Trump.

9:23 -- Biden claims Red States are spiking, "but they're all American."

9:22 -- Biden's reopen plan is very, very complex. Undoable. 

9:21 -- "The cure cannot be worse than the disease." -- Trump

9:20 -- "I want to open the schools, I want to open the country." -- Trump

9:19 -- Exceedingly civil right now. Should we hope it continues or not?

9:18 -- Biden rips Trump for playing golf. 

9:17 -- Welker in control. Viewers will be tuning out shortly. Is the World Series on?

9:16 -- Trump holding up one finger, making those exasperated faces. 

9:15 -- "People are learning to die with it.... C'mon, we're dying with it." -- Biden

9:14 -- Biden going back to January. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in February that everyone should go to Chinatown in SF. Too far back, JB.

9:13 -- "Every single move he said we should make we did way before him." -- Trump

9:12 -- Biden brings the light, predicting a "dark winter." 

9:11 -- Much calmer start to the debate. The candidates are acting like they're a combined 149 years old.

9:10 -- Trump says vaccine by end of the year. 

9:09 -- Biden says another 200,000 deaths by end of of 2020. 

9:09 -- Trump taking notes, not interrupting. But you can tell he wants to.

9:08 -- "Anyone who's responsible for that many deaths should not be president of the United States." -- Biden

9:07 -- "Now they say I'm immune." "I've been congratulated by the heads of many countries." "It's going away." -- Trump

9:06 -- Trump says 2.2M were predicted to die, touts vaccine "within weeks." 

9:05 -- COVID-19 the first topic.

9:04 -- The candidates arrive and hug. Fake news. No hug.

Get ready. The show starts at 9 p.m. EDT.