McEnany: Americans don't support statue removal of historic figures

'Where do you draw the line, from Gandhi all the way to George Washington?' McEnany asked.

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June 22, 2020 - 5:39pm

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said on Monday that demonstrators who behead and burn statues have gotten out of control.

McEnany was responding to a question at the daily press briefing about whether the president supports the removal of Confederate statues.

"From Gandhi all the way to George Washington," where do you draw the line? McEnany asked, going on to cite polling showing the American people, on the whole, do not support the statue removal movement.

"Less than a third of those polled" in a survey earlier this month "think those statues should be taken down," she noted. 

Several statues were forcibly removed this weekend and last week by protesters who targeted historical figures including Christopher Columbus and George Washington. 

Yesterday, the American Museum of Natural History announced it would be removing the iconic statue of President Theodore Roosevelt that stands in front of its Central Park West entrance. 

On the subject of former National Security Adviser John Bolton's new book, which was excoriated in the press last week, McEnany said "John Bolton has completely discredited himself." 

"The information in John Bolton's book was classified information as confirmed by senior intelligence officials," she said, citing fears that Bolton's unauthorized disclosures will cause strain on America's relationships with key intelligence allies. 

Swatting down media claims that President Trump was seething or upset by unexpectedly low turnout for his return to the campaign trail over the weekend, McEnany insisted that he was "very pleased with the rally" in Tulsa on Saturday night. McEnany also pointed out that 7.7 million Americans tuned in to Fox News to watch the speech. 


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