Black Lives Matter's official social media accounts don't address riots, looting amid its protests

Black Lives Matter has yet to post a message about the rioting and looting happening in cities across the country

Updated: June 3, 2020 - 10:21am

The national Black Lives Matter organization hasn't publicly addressed on its official website or social media accounts the riots or looting taking place in cities over the last seven nights. 

Black Lives Matter recently retweeted a post encouraging protestors to bring their "rage," "love" and "fire" to protests across the country but it has yet to denounce the violence that's occurring in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

The group was at the forefront of protests when they started May 26 to call attention to police brutality toward African Americans. The protests were sparked by a bystander video taken one day earlier of George Floyd, a black male, losing consciousness when a Minneapolis officer kneeled on his neck. Floyd purportedly went into cardiac arrest in an ambulance and was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. 

Incidents involving looting, vandalism and other property damage have been reported in more than 140 cities following the death of George Floyd after Minneapolis police arrested him. 

Las Vegas protest organized by Black Lives Matter turned violent Monday evening, according to a local news report. 

Some of Floyd's family members have denounced the riots and looting happening in U.S. cities.

Floyd’s brother Terrence said Monday that the violent protests are “overshadowing what is going on because he [George] was about peace."

Just The News reached out to Black Lives Matter's national press contact for comment on the riots but did not receive a response. It remains unclear whether the national group thinks the rioting has overshadowed the message behind the protests.

The Black Lives Matter Los Angeles chapter tweeted a message about looters on Tuesday, writing, "They want to talk about the looters. The looters all over the city are the LAPD. They've been looting and killing Black people for over 60 years."

However, a leader of the Black Lives Matter Utah chapter denounced the violence and vandalism that occurred during a recent protest in Salt Lake City, according to local TV station KUTV.

The leader of the Oklahoma City chapter of Black Lives Matter recently told the press that her chapter does not condone violence at the protests happening in their area.

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), a civil rights movement icon, released a statement discouraging looting and rioting at protests in cities  and suggested alternatives.

“To the rioters here in Atlanta and across the country: I see you, and I hear you. I know your pain, your rage, your sense of despair and hopelessness. Justice has, indeed, been denied for far too long. Rioting, looting, and burning is not the way," he said. 

"Organize. Demonstrate. Sit-in. Stand-up. Vote. Be constructive, not destructive. History has proven time and again that non-violent, peaceful protest is the way to achieve the justice and equality that we all deserve," Lewis added.

Black Lives Matter is urging its supporters to promote its #DefundThePolice initiative on social media in response to the death of Floyd.

"We call for a national defunding of police," reads a post on the BLM national website. "We demand investment in our communities and the resources to ensure Black people not only survive, but thrive. If you’re with us, add your name to the petition right now and help us spread the word."

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