Actress Anne Heche declared dead at 53 after car crash

Family reportedly keeping her on life support to determine organ donation viability.

Updated: August 12, 2022 - 3:45pm

Actress Anne Heche, known for her roles in the soap opera "Another World" and films such as "Six Days, Seven Nights," was declared dead on Friday at age 53 following a car crash in Los Angeles. 

As of Friday afternoon, Heche was reportedly brain dead and on the verge of being taken off of life support. Under California law, brain death qualifies as legal death according to the state.

"Today we lost a bright light, a kind and most joyful soul, a loving mother, and a loyal friend," a representative for the actress told media outlets on Friday afternoon.

The actress is reportedly being kept on life support until matches for organ donations can be found.

Heche, who has acted in numerous films and TV shows since the 1980s, crashed her car into a Los Angeles-area home last week after speeding down a residential street following another minor car accident. 

The actress sustained severe burns from the resultant fire.

A blood sample following the accident reportedly found traces of narcotics in her system, though it is unclear if those were present before the crash or if the tests picked up medicines administered at the hospital following the wreck.