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Civil Rights icon calls white wokeness 'insulting' to black Americans

'Stop helping us!' Bob Woodson says to guilty white people.

Published: March 2, 2021 6:07pm

Updated: March 3, 2021 1:21pm

Bob Woodson prefers old-fashioned bigots to "guilty white people" who patronize him by saying they're "sorry for being white."

The founder of the Woodson Center told the John Solomon Reports podcast his view on white guilt: "It's insulting. In fact, I was telling some people I prefer the old-fashioned bigot than somebody who patronizes me and tells me they're sorry for being white."

"Give me an old-fashioned bigot, because I think at least they have a level of respect that some of these guilty white people who are...professing white guilt. I find them disgusting. To me, it's liberal racism, because you're treating people as impotent children. I can confront malice with violence. I can't confront folly," Woodson said.

"Now how do you confront folly, when someone says to you…'I'm injuring you, but I'm here to help?' You want to scream to them — I want to say to guilty white people, 'Stop helping us!' Yes, please stop helping us."

Woodson explained how racial justice is being used as a political tool by the left.

"And I think that the low income people of all races are the losers in this tribal debate that is taking place throughout the country, where, unfortunately, the radical left, progressives, have seized upon the race issue to use America's birth defect as a bludgeon against the country," Woodson said.

"They're doing this in the name of pursuing justice for blacks, but I don't think they care at all about blacks — they're just weaponizing the race issue for political purposes. And that's what we saw active in this last campaign."

Woodson also criticized those on the right for their engagement in the debate without offering solutions.

"And, unfortunately, our friends on the right are engaged in a counter debate over the issues, in many cases, that are not helpful. And that's why what we're doing at the Woodson Center is to not engage in debate, but offer solutions. The American public are desperate for non-racial solutions, but they're not being offered very much. And that's what we're trying to fill that void."

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