Cocaine Cat taken into custody at Cincinnati Zoo

The incident occurred after the recent release of the horror-comedy "Cocaine Bear."

Updated: March 10, 2023 - 3:45pm

The Facts Inside Our Reporter’s Notebook

An African serval cat recently got into cocaine and was found at a traffic stop in Ohio before being taken into the Cincinnati Zoo, an incident in which life appears to have imitated art.

The incident occurred after the recent release of the horror-comedy "Cocaine Bear," which is loosely inspired by the true story of a 175-pound black bear that in 1985 when on a rampage after apparently ingesting nearly 75 pounds of cocaine from a duffle bag belonging to a cocaine smuggler who died trying to parachute from an airplane. 

In the more recent incident, the feline cat's owner was pulled over by police in Oakley, Ohio, on Jan 28. That is when it jumped out of the car and leaped into a tree, according to animal control officials. 

The call to rescue and save the cat came into the agency at about 2 a.m Ray Anderson of Cincinnati Animal CARE to the Associated Press

The cat, named Amiry, was taken in for medical care and a drug test found traces of cocaine in the agitated cat’s system. 

It has become standard to test exotic animals for drugs ever since a capuchin monkey was found with methamphetamine in its system in 2022. 

Amiry's owner surrendered custody of the cat before it was admitted to the Cincinnati Zoo, Anderson also said. 

It is illegal to own animals weighing over 40 pounds in Ohio. Several have been classified as dangerous animals to own, under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act of 1976. 

The Cincinnati Animal CARE gets about 8,000 animals a year, Anderson also told the wire service.

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