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Transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney says using incorrect gender pronouns should be 'illegal'

Mulvaney emerged as a social media sensation after transitioning from male to female in 2021

Published: April 28, 2023 1:38pm

Updated: April 28, 2023 1:52pm

In a months-old video shared on social media, transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney says using a person’s incorrect pronoun that does match his or her gender identity should be illegal.

The October 2022 video has roughly 4 million views since it was posted on Twitter. 

Most of the comments were against Mulvaney's statement, while some supported it. 

Why the video resurfaced as of Friday remained unclear.

But Mulvaney, who has almost 11 million TikTok followers, has been under a storm of attention in recent weeks, after having announced on Instagram a so-called "collaboration" with Bud Light – which largely resulted in backlash against the brand and the iconic American beer company Anheuser-Busch.

“Like, the articles written about me using ‘he’ pronouns and calling me a man over and over again, I feel like that should be illegal. I don’t know, that’s just bad journalism,” Mulvaney says in the video.

Mulvaney also said the articles are "even worse" than those in which Mulvaney is accused of being a pedophile, according to the New York Post

"I’m reminding myself that those people actually feel like they’re doing the Lord’s work," Mulvaney continued. "They believe that their bullying actually is the right thing to do, and I’m the one to blame when I’m just over here trying to live my best life."

Mulvaney emerged as a social media sensation after transitioning from male to female in 2021 and has a TikTok account documenting each day of the transformation.

Mulvaney has reportedly earned over $1 million from endorsements from Ulta Beauty and CeraVe among others, in addition to a Kate Spade and the Bud Light deals. 

Conservatives and others have criticized such partnerships, amid larger concerns about biological women now being marginalized and transgender-ism being pushed upon children in public-school curriculum without parental consent.

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