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Isaias kills six after hitting Carolinas, racing up the East Coast

The storm battered the east coast on Tuesday, making initial landfall in North Carolina and moving up the Atlantic

Updated: August 5, 2020 - 8:43am

At least six people were killed on Tuesday, as Tropical Storm Isaias made its way up the East Coast. The storm initially made landfall late Monday night in North Carolina as a Category One hurricane causing flooding and fires.

A tornado caused by the hurricane in North Carolina killed two when it struck a mobile home park. One person in Pennsylvania died when her car was swept downstream by surging waters. Three people in Maryland, New York City, and Delaware died by falling trees, brought down by the storm. 

Isaias also killed two people in the Bahamas before arriving on U.S. shores. The storm has now moved into Canada.

The storm's winds ranged from about 100 mph at landfall to 45 mph as of 11:00 pm Tuesday night, though Isaias largely sustained top winds close to 65 mph.