How health care and race could undermine Trump's economic wins at the ballot box

Trump was positioned as a favorite to win before COVID-19 and when the economy was stronger. It's not that way anymore

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June 16, 2020 - 12:42pm

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    The economy, health care and civil rights: three of the most important issues to the voting public today, according to polls.  But that issue mix has the potential to either ensure another win for President Trump in November or solidify his historic defeat.

    According to Scott Rasmussen’s Number of the Day podcast, 30% of voters believe the economy should be the top voting issue now, 17% think healthcare should be the main issue, and 16% say civil rights should be the top concern.

    While the economy always ranks high among voters during an election year, the coronavirus and health care challenges in fighting the pandemic, as well as the anti-racial movement are quickly changing the political dynamic.  

    Two weeks ago, Joe Biden and Trump were tied among Independents at 39% each, according to a Just the News poll.   Now it's Biden at 39% and at Trump 26%. The shift in numbers has less to do with Independents supporting Biden, and more to do with Trump supports expressing uncertainty about the president, said Rasmussen.

    If more people go back to work and the economy improves, Trump may win over voters.  If protests continue, and the need for law and order continues, that too would benefit Trump.

    But if a second coronavirus wave comes this fall, the president could suffer a historic defeat.

    Listen to Rasmussen as he breaks it down.

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